Friday, July 8, 2011

Wierd ' Indian ' tendencies

20 things that tell you, you are in India :

1. Arre, new mobile ? Awesome, kitne mein kharida ? 20,000 bucks ? Arre, my friend bought the same thing for 19850 at another place .............
2. You hear, "Arre....."
3. Once,the signal at a busy junction flashes 'red', cars stop after 4 minutes to obey traffic rules.
4. Vehicles stop over the zebra crossing and maybe the occasional pedestrian.
5. People love to cross the road when vehicles are actually in motion and speeding.
6. People throw garbage right next to the bin, but never in it.
7. If you are a foreigner, u'll find somebody who wants to rape you right now!
8. Parents want to relive their own marriage experience by choosing the girl/boy who would spend their life with their children.
9. When you hear , " No issues ! "
10. Some stupid nuts love to eat 'sandwis' and 'dhosa' for dinner.
11. Your ride feels like u went 10 feet under the ground and came up suddenly because of a huge pothole.
12. You see how even a half an hour rainfall span makes people swim through flooded streets.
13. People love to compete over things like a seat on a bus, train etc.
14. If you are a woman and wanted something to relieve you of that itch on your butt, somebody does it for free on a crowded street.
15. People love to bargain,even for chewing gum.
16. You are sitting in a train and somebody suddenly puts a briefcase on your lap and starts dealing out shuffled playing cards.
17. A minimum of 78,25,34,56,76,499 people will gather around you from no where if they see you with a TV camera and a mike.
18. People keep searching for things in their mobile phone all the time.
19. You'd find a slum settlement that is 10 storeys high right next to another building which is 10 storeys high.
20. Poeple want their wives to only give birth to guys and frown when they find out that some men actually have sex with other men.

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